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A supplier of the leisure & amusement industry for over one hundred and twenty five years

Harry Jones Company takes pride in their equipment and services; providing full attention, dedication and a professional team you can rely on.

Harry Jones Company works throughout the country with local authorities, ranging from small fairs to large events and seasonal festivals.

Offering an extensive range of funfair equipment, Harry Jones Company can transform a corporate or commercial event, wedding, film set, or party into an unforgettable experience.

If you would like to see one of our events in full operation then please book to make an appointment with one of our events team today.

When it comes to celebrations and events, we believe your team, clients and customers deserve the best. Whether it’s a cocktail reception, wedding, birthday bash, film set or event team building, Harry Jones Company is here to exceed your expectations.

Planning an event and in need of attractions? Harry Jones Company has been providing events for over four generations. We have the knowledge and expertise to host independently or collaborate with clients to ensure safe and punctual events are delivered every time.

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We guarantee that our rides are ADIPS registered, operated and under supervision of fully qualified staff.

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Harry Jones Company has excellent relations with local authorities, enabling the company to work with some of the best open spaces and town/city centres within the UK.


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