Bumper cars (Dodgems):

Prices for the Dodgems all depend on the track size, type of Dodgem and amount of cars you choose. The most common track being 20m by 11m, which gives you ample room for zooming around and crashing into people! Take a look at our brand new Dodgems, which pack away onto one trailer. This enables you to load and unload without the need for lots of staff, or more than one truck for transport, saves on costs too!

It was Sir Billy Butlin who first thought about driving electric cars for fun. He introduced them to his Butlin's Holiday Camps in 1923 and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Dodgems are energised through electricity which is conducted from floor to ceiling, making a complete circuit. The cars are encompassed by a thick, rubber tyre which acts as the 'bumper', hence the alternative name; 'Bumper Cars'.

In the mid 1960s, Disneyland introduced hovercraft-based bumper cars, called 'Flying Saucers'. Unfortunately for Disney, they didn't take off due to them being a mechanical failure. However, the classic Dodgems that we all know and love today, are still going strong and are a regular feature on almost every single fairground the world over.

Dodgems versus Bumper Cars

So which is it? Dodgems or Bumpers? Well, that all depends on the way you drive them. If you enjoy driving around the track the same way as everyone else and avoid any crashes, then they are Dodgems, because you are dodging out of the way of everyone on the track! However, if you are racing around in the opposite direction, determined to find your nemesis to hit in a head-on collision, then you are driving a Bumper Car. You are intending to bump, therefore you are a Bumper!