Since the dawn of funfairs and amusement parks, people have wanted to be thrilled and excited by fast and crazy rides. The birth of the rollercoaster made way for all of the exhilarating and scary 'Extreme ' rides, we see at theme parks and fairs today. The feeling of being out of control, or the G Force holding you in position can be addictive to adrenalin lovers the world over. If your event is one where you wish to have excitement, thrills and squeals, then these are some of the best rides to fulfil your desires!

For the people who thrive on adrenalin and love to try any 'Extreme' rides, Harry Jones Company has some of the best rides for your event:

The 'Superbowl' is similar to the Waltzers, where the cars spin around, but then you are thrust up into the air at the same time, a fantastic ride if you love being spun around in the air at top speed.

The 'Superstar'is a single arm ride, with cars at each end, that can accommodate up to 4 people in each. The ride then spins the cars and lifts up to a 45 degree angle.

'Freakout' is set on a huge pendulum, which rocks back and forth, up to a range of 130 degrees! The seats turn around and the G Force can reach 1.5-2.5g, you literally cannot move once it gets going!

A 'Rodeo Bull' or 'Hysteria' is always a crowd pleaser. Riding the Bucking Bronco is no easy feat, it spins, it bucks and does everything it can to throw you off! There's an inflatable bed to fall on, so injuries are minimal, it's hilarious to watch and fun to try.

The 'Booster' is a crazy ride - just one arm, with a car at either end, is connected in the middle. It turns 13 revolutions per minute and accelerates with a G Force of 3.5!! Two people per car.

The 'Extreem' or 'Orbiter' has a number of arms, which spin around the cars, it lifts to 90 degrees so it is horizontal and each car spins until you can't take any more!

The 'Matterhorn' is good for those who don't like heights. It remains close to the ground, the cars are attached to axles, which swing from side to side in a swinging motion, the faster the ride goes.

The 'Tagada' is a huge circular-based ride, where riders sit all around the edges. It revolves faster and faster, then begins to jump, throwing its riders all over the place. Lots of fun for a gang of you to try!